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  • Sidewalk and Concrete Driveway Expansion Joints How To

    Aug 29 Size and thickness of your expansion joints depend upon the thickness of your driveway or sidewalk concrete – So a driveway expansion joint as a rule is from 1 2 inch to 3 4 inch 12 7 mm to 19 mm wide and as deep as the driveway is thick 5 to 6 inches

  • How long does it take to cut a deep cut in concrete

    Go back into the ¼ to ½ deep cut and continue doing intermittent cuts that are no longer than 30 to 45 seconds of running the saw Nice shallow straight lines will soon add up to a 2 deep cut in the concrete Dust will collect during the cutting process despite your efforts to keep the concrete wet Take breaks to clear it out

  • Concrete Driveway Repair and Renovation Options The

    Jun 23 Ideally a concrete driveway will last the lifetime of your home But there are conditions that can shorten its lifespan and result in unsightly cracking discoloration settlement or scaling Find driveway repair contractors near you The typical causes of concrete driveway distress include An improperly compacted subgrade


    12 American Concrete Pipe Association INSTALLATION LINE AND GRADE The elevation of the pipe invert for storm drain pipe shall not deviate from the design elevation by more than plus or minus two percent 2 of the pipe size being installed or one inch 1 which ever is greater The rate of deviation to from grade

  • What 39 s the best way to cut up concrete for a driveway

    You have several choices depending on the location of the concrete its thickness and the type of cut you want to make Most people use hammer drills pneumatic jack hammers or electric breakers to cut up concrete on their driveway The first thing that you need to do is make an initial surface cut

  • Cutting across concrete driveway with skill saw Telecaster

    You can not cut through a 4 quot concrete slab with a skilsaw with one pass using any blade in the world You will go through fifty blades trying Rent a real water lubed saw or nothing Also concrete cures over the years Your driveway is very hard boris bubbanov Deathray skunqesh and 1 other person like this

  • Cutting concrete pipes time lapse YouTube

    A time lapse cutting concrete pipes for columns in a underground slurry store A time lapse cutting concrete pipes for columns in a underground slurry store

  • STANDARD DRAWINGS Application of Standard Drawings Disclaimer

    3 Concrete Roadway Repair Pipe Trench Backfill Conduit Trench Backfill Pavement Cut Restoration Street Cut in PCC Pavement Perpendicular or Skewed to Centerline Street Cut in PCC Pavement Parallel to Centerline Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example quot A 1 quot for Utility Cut Corrective AC Pavement Inlay Example quot A 2

  • Driveway Drainage Solutions KG Landscape Management

    Jan 05 A trench drain can be installed where the driveway meets the garage This type of drain is long and narrow and should run the entire width of the driveway A trench drain must be covered by a grate to keep it free of debris that could clog the pipe Decorative grates are available for trench drains that can be used as a unique design element

  • Cutting Asphalt Pavement

    Cutting asphalt can be done with any number of saws For thin lifts of materials 1 4″ in small quantities a cut off saw with an abrasive or diamond tipped blade will typically do fine For thicker asphalt such as roads or heavy duty parking lots a walk behind gas powered saw will be much quicker efficient and more economical

  • Sturdy Stainless concrete driveway culvert for Industry Uses

    These solid structural concrete driveway culvert are used for bending de coiling punching cutting framework construction automotive uses and many more You can select from customized concrete driveway culvert coming with varied thickness length and diameters

  • Removing pipes from concrete Fine Homebuilding

    Removing pipes from concrete I have several 2″ steel posts embedded in a concrete slab and need to remove them I tried cutting one with a Sawzall hack saw blade but cannot get it flush I then tried an abrasive cutoff wheel in a 1 2″ drill but wore out the disk before I was half way through I am willing to do some concrete patching if

  • 3 Common Methods of Cutting Concrete

    Oct 17 Contractors use several different methods to cut concrete and the right method for the job depends on factors like the thickness of the concrete and the size of the job If you are wondering what method might be right for your project take a look at three of the most common methods

  • When to Saw Control Joints Concrete Construction Magazine

    Dec 01 Electric powered lightweight models use a smaller diameter saw blade and cut notches 3 4 to 1 inch deep at sawing speeds of 4 to 11 feet per minute For more information on these saws see quot Saw Cuts Concrete Immediately After Finishing quot Concrete Construction March pages

  • How Is A Driveway Culvert Installed And How Much Does It Cost

    Aug 15 Most driveway culverts will be corrugated steel or heavy duty corrugated plastic but there are uses for reinforced concrete culverts in higher traffic driveways So when the decision is made to install a culvert the next step is to hire a professional driveway culvert installation company like Llewellyn 39 s Construction

  • Driveway Concrete Cutting – Safety Tips amp Advice

    You have several choices depending on the location of the concrete its thickness and the type of cut you want to make Most people use hammer drills pneumatic jack hammers or electric breakers to cut up concrete on their driveway The first thing that you need to do is make an initial surface cut

  • How to Install a Driveway Culvert Pipe Home Guides SF Gate

    Nov 28 Cover the driveway culvert pipe with a layer of 3 4 inch to 2 inch gravel mix The total of the driveway s surface material and the gravel should total at least 6 inches

  • Civil Engineering CAD Details AutoCAD Construction Details

    a c or concrete specified transition cut line remove and replace pavement as specified plan view commercial driveway approach notes 1 order of construction a construct valley gutter and transition sections b construct 8 quot sidewalk across driveway area c construct apron d pcc aprons shall be jointed in accordance with drawing 2

  • Why Choose Us Murrays Demolition Concrete Cutting

    Concrete Cutting Sawing and Drilling Driveways paths patios pool surrounds slabs air conditioning penetrations plumbing penetrations core drilling retaining walls concrete pipes roadwork kerb amp gutters and culverts floor and wall chasing door and window openings expansion cutting soft cutting and small scale demolition We provide all cutting and drilling of concrete brick

  • Orbit Sprinkler System Under Walkway Pipe Tunnel

    For 10 years I 39 ve had a problem with my irrigation system Shortest route to the bad spot was covered by a 16 39 wide double driveway I cut either cut the drive and pour new concrete to fill the gap or find some way under it This turned out to be my way under it It took about 10 minutes to push it thru

  • How To Dig amp Run Pipe Under A Driveway Or Sidewalk

    This article explains how to dig and run pipe under an obstacle such as a driveway or sidewalk The most efficient and cost effective way to bore under an obstacle is to create a hole using the power of water


    join round pipe to square using concrete collar 3 transition from headwall to drainage stucture 4 couple pipe to existing 5 use new fittings produced by pipe

  • Can you use sledge hammer to cut concrete driveway

    If the concrete on your driveway is not reinforced and if it is no thicker than four inches then you can get away with using a sledge hammer – assuming of course that you don t mind hard physical labour However if you are cutting a much thicker surface then you will need more powerful equipment

  • Cutting Concrete Safely Concrete Construction Magazine

    Sep 29 Cutting concrete within the first hour or two after the pour the concrete still has quite a bit of moisture and dust levels are negligible Independent testing has shown that personal exposure limits are below the level OSHA requires for respirators Cutting concrete is a dangerous aspect of the concrete industry

  • Circular Saws RGC Construction

    Cut concrete reinforced concrete aggregate stone brick block pipe and steel beams quickly and cleanly Heavy duty hydraulic motor provides constant cutting speed under load Modular frame design permits easy replacement of parts Lightweight rugged steel tube construction is lighter than gas saws Dual function trigger for automatic wet

  • Installation – American Concrete Pipe Association

    Proper Installation of Concrete Pipe and Box Culverts ensures the public will receive the maximum service life of these products The American Concrete Pipe Association and its members have conducted numerous research and analysis on factors which affect the field performance of concrete pipe and box culverts

  • When to use a saw to cut a concrete joint

    When this happens the slab is ready for sawcutting Sometimes concrete cracks before the saw can cut the joint without causing raveling In these cases consider using a lightweight saw that allows you to cut within a few hours after final concrete finishing

  • Driveway Concrete Cutting Buchheit Construction

    Mar 14 Buchheit Construction is a leader in cutting concrete driveways Our knowledgeable concrete teams offer expert services with cutting concrete for whatever reason you might need it Whether you need to replace your driveway to simply make it smaller or to make room for home renovations we can help And to make it even easier on you we can

  • How to Repair a Sewer Pipe Under a Concrete Slab This Old

    This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to rescue a buried root clogged pipe without digging up the whole SCRIBE to