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    In this video we are going to understand the gas cutting process We will try to understand the different type of gas welding and gas cutting Gas Cutting

  • Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting Machines Welding amp Welder

    Oxy Acetylene Straight Line Cutting Machine V BCG31I £ ex VAT £ inc VAT Shop now Add to Basket

  • Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine at Best Price in India

    Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine ₹ 20 Get Latest Price Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine are designed to offer maximum reliability and productivity CNC controller is 4 axes with ac servo motor The gantry type structure is moving by two ac servo motor and both side rack and pinion drive for better synchronization and better accuracy

  • Choosing a gas for oxyfuel cutting The Fabricator

    Feb 27 The oxyfuel cutting process is nothing more than rapid oxidation also known as burning Of course cost is always a concern for fabricators and the cost of fuel gas whether acetylene propylene or propane typically represents 20 to 25 percent of the total cutting cost But even more than cost safety is the utmost concern

  • Which is the best gas for CNC cutting

    Natural gas and propane are by far the two most popular choices due to availability and cost Other gases like oxy acetylene or methyl acetylene are more expensive and less often used mainly for specific applications like welding HOW IMPORTANT IS AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR FOR OXY FUEL CUTTING ON A CNC TABLE

  • What kind of gas is used for oxyfuel cutting

    Are we well informed enough to make the best choice of fuel gas for oxyfuel cutting Oxyfuel cutting is a process used to sever steel via a chemical reaction of oxygen with the base metal at elevated temperature Once oxygen is mixed with a fuel gas the temperature rapidly increases to a point high enough to melt and wash away the steel

  • oxygen machine for home use

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  • Oxy fuel cutting Gas Cutting process working principle

    In this video we see oxy fuel cutting process or gas cutting process woeking principle history and explain with small rostatic and hydrodynamic pla

  • Oxygen SmarterCMSPD

    Our ProStar® product line includes welding supplies cutting machines and automation from a large variety of manufacturers Additionally our strategically distributed plants and hubs allow us to efficiently supply our customers with a full range of industrial and process gases

  • oxygen gas cutting oxygen gas cutting Suppliers and

    3 oxygen gas cutting products are offered for sale by suppliers on of which gas generation equipment accounts for 8 gas cylinders accounts for 3 and gas disposal accounts for 1 A wide variety of oxygen gas cutting options are available to you such as high low

  • Choose Correct Oxyfuel for Plate Cutting Westermans Blog

    Jul 12 Acetylene first discovered in by chemistry professor Edmund Davy has been used for cutting for more than years When combined with the proper amount of oxygen 1 to 1 it has the highest flame temperature in excess of 5 degrees F with a neutral flame temperature of 5 degrees and the lowest secondary flame temperature

  • The 8 Best Portable Oxygen Concentrators of

    Apr 05 The G3 is one of the quietest portable oxygen concentrators available but this efficient device has a lot more going for it It boasts a four hour battery life and an operational altitude of up to 10 feet and the carrying case looks more like an outdoorsy lunch bag than a medical device

  • Theory of Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting The Harris Products Group

    Oxy Fuel gas cutting is functional for use with low carbon and low alloy steels with a carbon content generally restricted to 1 10 to 3 10 of 1 The various alloy elements found in steel affect the ability of the oxygen to cut the metal Elements such as manganese silicon phosphorus and sulfur have very little effect in normally found levels Other elements such as chromium nickel


    general comments recommendations about fuel gas 1 If using cylinder oxygen try to use a fuel with the lowest oxygen factor to minimize cost cylinder handling and rental charges See Preheat Flame Cost Calculation Chart on Page 8 2 For very thin plate cutting less than or equal to 1 acetylene provides minimum plate distortion

  • Information on Cutting Gases

    CUTTING APPLICATIONS CUTTING PRODUCTION AND SAFETY 1 Do the weight conversion of the fuel gas considered When evaluating a specific fuel gas cost examine how many cubic feet of gas a pound of the fuel that fuel gas delivers see fuel data below 2 Oxygen consumption is an important part of cutting costs

  • Welding and Cutting with Oxygen Fuel Gas NIOSH CDC

    It applies to operations involving oxygen fuel gas welding and cutting This checklist must be used with the Welding Cutting and Brazing–General Requirements checklist The regulations cited apply only to private employers and their employees unless adopted by a State agency and applied to other groups such as public employees

  • Oxy fuel welding and cutting Wikipedia

    Oxy fuel welding commonly called oxyacetylene welding oxy welding or gas welding in the United States and oxy fuel cutting are processes that use fuel gases or liquid fuels such as gasoline and oxygen to weld or cut metals

  • What can be used instead of oxy fuel

    The torch itself only heats the metal to begin the process Popular alternatives to oxy fuel cutting include plasma cutting and waterjet cutting With plasma cutting the plasma torch blows an inert gas at high speeds and through an electrical arc turning some of the gas into plasma and providing the means for cutting

  • CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Tables AKS Cutting Systems

    May 03 The oxy fuel process is most popular on cutting carbon steel 2 – 6 thick This is because up to 2 thick typically laser and plasma cutting are more efficient faster and more suitable for most fabrication shops For carbon steel under 2 the oxy fuel process loses some of its efficiencies and benefits and is much slower than

  • Which is cheaper to cut metal waterjet or oxyfuel

    While oxyfuel cutting is only suitable for a few metals waterjet can cut pretty much anything However oxyfuel cutting is a lot cheaper than waterjet The oxyfuel cutting process takes place in 3 steps First a mixture of cutting gas and oxygen is directed onto the work piece through a cutting torch to preheat it

  • Oxy Fuel Cutting CNC Cutting Machines

    Oxy Fuel cutting is a chemical reaction between pure oxygen and steel to form iron oxide Essentially it is rapid controlled rusting A mixture of oxygen and fuel gas are used to preheat the metals surface or edge to its ignition temperature around degrees F bright red in color but below the metals melting point


    Hi Lo Oxy Fuel Gas System with Auto Ease On Allows hi lo preheat for fast preheating of plate and superior cutting quality Features auto ease on pierce control for cut oxygen Allows for precise piercing on thicker plate Maximum 4 in mm thick material with 4 torches Oxy Fuel Torch Stations Up to four stations available

  • Gas Cutting Process Techniques and Advantages Welding

    Process of Gas Cutting 2 Efficiency of Gas Cutting 3 Equipments 4 Limitations Process of Gas Cutting Apart from using hacksaw power saw chisels etc for metal cutting operation gas or oxygen cutting is extensively used now a days in industry Oxy fuel cutting OFC is similar to ox fuel welding except that

  • Oxygen fuel Gas Welding and Cutting OSHA Standard

    Oxygen fuel Gas Welding and Cutting OSHA Standard Page 3 the valve while the cylinder is in use so that the fuel gas flow can be quickly turned off in case of emergency In the case of manifolded or coupled cylinders at least one such wrench must always be available for immediate use Complete removal of the stem from a

  • The 5 Best Oxygen Concentrators Updated

    1 Invacare Perfecto2 V 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator The Perfecto2 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator is a small quiet and energy efficient machine ranking number one in our review Similar to the Invacare Platinum 10 this concentrator uses a pressure monitor instead of a timer to maintain a reliable flow of oxygen

  • Oxyfuel Cutting Process and Fuel Gases TWI

    Oxy fuel cutting is a thermal cutting process that uses oxygen and fuel gas such as acetylene propane MAPP propylene and natural gas to cut through materials The oxyfuel process is the most widely applied industrial thermal cutting process because it can cut thicknesses from to mm the equipment is low cost and can be used

  • Fuel Gases Used for Oxyfuel Cutting Fractory

    Mar 09 The oxyfuel cutting process takes place in 3 steps Preheating of metal Oxidation of metal Blowing away the slag First a mixture of cutting gas and oxygen is directed onto the work piece through a cutting torch to preheat it The objective is to achieve the ignition temperature which is around ° C for carbon steel

  • What is Best Growing Business Strategy for Gas Cutting Machine

    Jul 23 Oxy Fuel gas cutting is useful for use with low carbon and low composite prepares with a carbon content commonly limited to 1 10 to 3 10 of 1 The different compound components found in steel