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  • What is the name of the oxygas flame

    The term for this oxygas flame is the PREHEATING FLAME Next you direct a jet of pure oxygen at the heated metal by pressing a lever on the cutting torch The oxygen causes a chemical reaction known as OXIDATION to take place rapidly When oxidation occurs rapidly it is called COMBUSTION or BURNING When it occurs slowly it is known as RUSTING

  • Mobile Oxy Acetylene Propane Before Use Visual Checklist

    The fuel gas is normally switched off first however consult the Equipment Supplier s handbook as there may be variations Extinguish the Working Flame at the Torch Fuel gas off Oxygen off Close Cylinder Valve Turn the cylinder valve keys clockwise until closed Vent System No Gas Open torch valves in turn Vent the gas from each of the hoses

  • Choose Correct Oxyfuel for Plate Cutting Westermans Blog

    Jul 12 Acetylene first discovered in by chemistry professor Edmund Davy has been used for cutting for more than years When combined with the proper amount of oxygen 1 to 1 it has the highest flame temperature in excess of 5 degrees F with a neutral flame temperature of 5 degrees and the lowest secondary flame temperature

  • Oxy Acetylene Welding Flame Cutting

    Heavy Duty Welding Cutting Acetylene Hoses Oxy Acetylene Welding Brazing Uniweld Oxygen Refurbished Victor Prest O Lite Acetylene Torch Acetylene Welding Brazing Tip Acetylene Welding Regulator Gauge Heavy Duty Oxygen Acetylene Welding Heating Tip Welding Brazing Tips Regulator With 30 Day Warranty Smiths Cutting Torch Vintage Victor Cutting Torch Handle Mixer Torch Fc Ca Oxygen

  • Flame Cutting Oxy Cutting Service Fractory

    Oxy acetylene cutting is known by many names such as oxy cutting oxy fuel cutting or flame cutting It is a process where fuel gases and pure oxygen are used for cutting Flame cutting uses pre heating First the flame heats up a spot on the metal Then a high pressure stream of pure oxygen is directed towards this spot

  • Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine at Best Price in India

    Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine ₹ 20 Get Latest Price Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine are designed to offer maximum reliability and productivity CNC controller is 4 axes with ac servo motor The gantry type structure is moving by two ac servo motor and both side rack and pinion drive for better synchronization and better accuracy

  • Flame cutting machine All industrial manufacturers Videos

    flame cutting machine Valiant X travel 1 mm Y travel 3 mm Cutting speed 0 mm min 6 mm min stability The device is equipped with a free cutting software and offers 24h 7d customer service It supports flame and plasma The machine is specially designed for single arm portable

  • Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine Manufacturers amp Suppliers in India

    Balaji Autotech Private Limited Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine Max Cutting Thickness mm ₹ 6 Lakh SH Electronics Co Perfect Cut Three Phase CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine For Industrial mm ₹ 8 Lakh Perfect Engineering CNC Oxy Fuel Cutting Machine ₹ 9 Lakh

  • oxy gas cutter portable plasma cutting machine oxy gas

    The low price of CNC gantry cutting machine is the upgrade product of small portable machine can be configured as flame cutting plasma cutting or flame and plasma dual function 5 What other things also need after we bought your machines9 1 With flame cutting oxygen and fuel gas


    Semi Automatic motorized Oxy Fuel Profiling Gas Cutter This profiling gas cutter is an efficient and economical equipment for copying metal shapes Cutting thickness 0 2 4 in Comes with 3 sizes of Acetylene tips propane tips also available upon request Diameter of cutting circle 1 23 in

  • gas flame cutting machine like profile shape cutting

    These machines are primarily meant for cutting different shapes such as stars hexagons squares rectangles circles triangles etc It can also cut straight lines and Bevels upto 45 o The motor driven Electro Magnetic Tracing Head on the carriage arm traces the profile on the template

  • Cutting Machine Solutions Plasma and Oxy fuel

    CNC Plasma amp Oxy Fuel Cutting Machines Our complete line of CNC Computer Numerical Control cutting machines are built to provide the best cut quality accuracy and reliability for the life of the machine We offer a two year warranty and the parts used to make these cutting machines are non proprietary All of our machines are tested to ISO

  • Oxy fuel welding and cutting Wikipedia

    Oxy fuel welding commonly called oxyacetylene welding oxy welding or gas welding in the United States and oxy fuel cutting are processes that use fuel gases or liquid fuels such as gasoline and oxygen to weld or cut metals French engineers Edmond Fouché and Charles Picard became the first to develop oxygen acetylene welding in


    9 Be skeptical of claims made by proprietary fuel gas suppliers for hotter flame temperature faster cutting speed or better cut quality Cutting speed on a thin plate less than or equal to 1 2 is controlled by preheat intensity flame temperature and in heavier plate cutting by oxygen stream shape and quality not the fuel type

  • Oxy fuel cutting Stock Photos and Images Oxy fuel

    Oxy Cutting in a steel fabrication workshop Stock Photos by imagoz 11 Welder worker with flame torch cutter Stock Photographs by kadmy 9 manual pipe cutting Pictures by sydeen 2 47 construction worker with flame cutting equipment Stock Photography by kadmy 2 92 Industrial cnc plasma cutting of metal plate Stock Images by wrangler 4 construction worker with flame cutting

  • What kind of cutting machine uses oxy fuel

    Oxy Fuel torch stations The Combirex DX may be equipped with up to 4 oxy fuel cutting The SGX cutting machine provides ESAB quality precision and leading edge technology ideal for small fabricators and manufacturers Rugged accurate affordable automated cutting machine

  • Module 2 Thermal Processes eCollege

    Active Gas welding Unit 6 Oxy fuel cutting and Unit 7 Plasma arc cutting In this unit you will be introduced to oxy acetylene welding and the safety precautions required when using oxy acetylene equipment Module 2 Thermal Processes Unit 1 Introduction to Thermal Processes and Safety Unit 2 Introduction to Oxy Acetylene Welding Unit 3


    CHAPTER 4 GAS CUTTING The common methods used in cutting metal are oxygas flame cutting air carbon arc cutting and plasma arc cutting The method used depends on the

  • High Precision UK Made CNC Flame Cutting Machines Esprit

    Our CNC Flame Cutting Machines Our heavy duty CNC flame cutting machine that can offer your business continuous heavy plate oxy fuel cutting up to mm cutting torches Our cost effective CNC flame cutting machine for if you require medium to heavy plate cutting Ideal for any general profiling

  • What kind of gas is used in flame cutting machines

    Propane or Acetylene are the most commonly selected fuel gases although other fuel gases can be specified The Esprit Viper Lightning S and Cobra machines are rail based machines designed for multi head flame cutting

  • Oxy fuel cutting machine All industrial manufacturers Videos

    ESAB plasma cutting machine SGX series oxy fuel for aluminum for steel plasma cutting machine SGX series X travel 2 mm 14 mm Y travel 2 2 1 mm The SGX cutting machine provides ESAB quality precision and leading edge technology ideal for small fabricators and manufacturers


    Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting and Welding Operation of oxy fuel torches involves oxygen and flammable gases under pressure open flames flying slag and hot metal meatl fumes and combustion products Follow the precautions in this SAFETY section and those throughout this manual for your personal safety and the safety of people near the equipment

  • How is oxy acetylene used in flame cutting

    Oxy acetylene cutting is known by many names such as oxy cutting oxy fuel cutting or flame cutting It is a process where fuel gases and pure oxygen are used for cutting Flame cutting uses pre heating First the flame heats up a spot on the metal Then a high pressure stream of pure oxygen is directed towards this spot

  • Oxy Fuel Flame Cutting High Precision Flame Cut Parts AMP

    It is an effective and efficient method of cutting steel and iron in thicknesses ranging from 12 inches At Accurate Metal Products AMP we offer oxy fuel flame cutting services Armed with over two decades of industry experience and state of the art equipment our team has the knowledge skills and tools to precision flame cut parts

  • Gas Cutting Process Techniques and Advantages Welding

    The spark lighter is used to ignite the oxy acetylene mixture at the tip of cutting torch The other equipment s serves the same function as in case of oxy acetylene gas welding Limitations of Gas Cutting i Gas cutting only successfully used when the oxidation ignition temperature of the metal being cut is lower than it melting point

  • Flame Tech Oxy Fuel Heating Welding amp Brazing Parts amp Equipment

    Flame Tech® Oxy Fuel welding products are engineered in Texas U S A for performance and designed for efficient and economical light medium and heavy duty heating brazing welding and cutting applications Flame Tech® products are based on industry standard specifications and manufactured under stringent quality controls

  • Oxy Acetylene Cutting Processes Metallurgy

    ADVERTISEMENTS Subject Matter of Oxy Acetylene Cutting Process In modern steel age the steel makers cut Iron and Steel by oxy acetylene oxy hydrogen oxy propane oxy natural gas cutting blowpipes easily speedily and cleanly Cutting of metals by means of flame has many advantages over other methods specially when the metal is of irregular shape When using oxy acetylene a special torch

  • brown gas flame cutting machine carbon steel cutting water

    oxy hydrogen brown gas flame cutting machine byname water cutting machine which used for carbon steel y eco friendly high efficiency and energy it is low operating costs and environmental because of water as working medium and no emission of CO2 or poisonous gas generator can also be connected to conventional flame cutting machines

  • What is Flame Cutting

    A process known by many names The process often called Flame Cutting is known by many names such as Oxy Acetylene Cutting Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting Oxygen Burning Steel Burning and other terms too numerous to mention The process is now about years old as it was patented in by Thomas Fletcher

  • Victor Gas Cutting Equipment Rulers of the Flame Sweepstakes

    Enter the ESAB Rulers of the Flame sweepstakes today for a chance to win a Victor Performer EDGE 2 0 Outfit oxy acetylene torch kit Share your best work with Victor gas equipment on social media using rulersoftheflame or through our on page form

  • Cutting Machines Gas UK Gas Cylinders amp Bottles Gas

    Gas UK CNC Oxyfuel Flame Cutting systems for single or multi torch thick plate cutting Up to 8 burner heads Slab cutting Expert knowledge amp advice