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  • Gas Mileage Calculator

    Calculate gas mileage using trip distance enter total distance and the amount of fuel used for the trip Price per Gallon or Liter Enter the fuel price per gallon or per liter and the calculator will calculate Fuel Rate fuel cost per mile or kilometer Fuel Total the total spent on fuel for the trip Price per Mile or Kilometer

  • Fuel Consumption Converter The Calculator Site

    Kilometers Liter km L Liters km L km Miles Gallon UK mpg Miles Gallon US mpg Miles Liter mi L Fuel Consumption Tips The Calculator Site has written an article called How To Get Better Gas Mileage giving you tips and ideas on how to improve your motor vehicle 39 s fuel economy

  • Fuel Cost Calculator

    Fuel Cost Calculator This calculator can estimate fuel cost according to the distance of a trip the fuel efficiency of the car and the price of gas using various units Trip Distance miles kilometers km Fuel Efficiency miles per gallon mpg liters per km L km kilometres per liter km L liters per mile Gas Fuel Price

  • Milling Speed and Feed Calculator

    Milling Speed and Feed Calculator Determine the spindle speed RPM and feed rate IPM for a milling operation as well as the cut time for a given cut length Milling operations remove material by feeding a workpiece into a rotating cutting tool with sharp teeth such as an end mill or face mill Calculations use the desired tool diameter

  • Gas laws calculator EniG Tools

    The universal gas constant R is defined as the product of Avogadro constant NA number of particles in one mole of gas and Boltzmann 39 s constant k it relates the kinetic energy of particles in a gas R k NA 10 23 J K 1 10 23 mol 1 J mol 1 K 1

  • How To Calculate LPG Consumption Per Hour Elgas

    Jul 27 1 Determine the MJ or BTU rating of the appliance which is the gas energy consumption per hour NOT the heat output Find it in the specifications or owner s manual 2 Look up the energy content of the fuel you are using in the unit of measure you want to use For example 1 L 25 MJ of energy from LPG 1 kg 49 MJ of energy from LPG

  • Weight conversion calculators for imperial and metric units

    Jul 22 Metric weight units are based around the weight of respective metric volumes of water For example a liter of water weighs one kilogram Imperial American measurements Precious metals are normally measured in quot troy quot units troy pounds and troy ounces please do not confuse these with the standard measurements

  • Technical Information Medical Gas Cylinders

    Technical Information Medical Gas Cylinders Style Oxygen Weight Service Capacity No Valve Pressure ft3 L lb psig M60 60 22 5 E 24 8

  • How to convert a kg to a lb

    So to convert directly from kg to lb you multiply by The National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST The NIST Guide for the use of the International System of Units Appendix B subsections B 8 Factors for Units Listed Alphabetically and B 9 Factors for units listed by kind of quantity or field of science

  • Gas Calculator Gas Phase City Machine amp Welding Inc

    Gas calculator for Air Argon Carbonmonoxide Compressed Natural Gas CNG Helium Hydrogen Methane Nitrogen and Oxygen This calculator calculates the following Water Volume is the volume of the cylinder at STP This value is used to determine Product Volume amp Weight Enter 0 if water volume is not known

  • How do you convert a weight to a unit

    How to Convert Units of Weight Conversions are performed by using a conversion factor By knowing the conversion factor converting between units can become a simple multiplication problem S C E Where S is our starting value C is our conversion factor and E is our end converted result

  • How to convert petrol to weight and volume

    Use this petrol conversion tool to convert between different units of weight and volume Please note that this type of conversion requires a substance density figure A list of some common petrol density approximations is provided below

  • Convert Gas m3 Units to kWh Gas Calculator TheEnergyShop

    Subtract the new meter reading from the previous reading to work out the volume of gas used Convert from cubic feet to cubic meters by multiplying by 3 OR dividing by Multiply by the volume correction factor 64 Multiply by calorific value 40 0 Divide by kWh conversion factor 3 6

  • Gas Correction Factors Brooks Instrument

    Gas Correction Factors for Variable Area Flow Meters To determine corrected flowrate find the gas for which the meter is calibrated in the left column move to the right to the gas that is being used Multiply the flowrate indicated on the meter by the correction factor This will equal an approximation of the flowrate of the gas being used

  • Conversion and Weight Calculators Chapel Steel

    Chapel Steel conversion and weight calculators include inches to millimeters pounds to kilograms and more

  • Methane gas volume to weight conversion Aqua Calc

    Volume to weight weight to volume and cost conversions for Refrigerant R A liquid RA with temperature in the range of °C °F to 60°C °F Weights and Measurements The tonne per cubic foot density measurement unit is used to measure volume in cubic feet in order to estimate weight or mass in tonnes

  • Petrol Converter The Calculator Site

    Petrol Converter Use this petrol conversion tool to convert between different units of weight and volume Please note that this type of conversion requires a substance density figure A list of some common petrol density approximations is provided below Please enter a density figure select a unit to convert from and to enter a conversion

  • Online Metals Weight Calculator ®

    Weight Calculator Metal gets heavy and whether you want to see how much shipping is likely to be or if your vehicle or back can handle it it s good to know what your order weighs To help with that we ve got our handy weight calculator here Fill out the information below and it will tell you how heavy that piece of material is

  • LPG Gas Unit Conversion Values kg Litres MJ kWh amp m³

    Jul 21 LPG propane Gas Unit Conversions Gas in kg Litres MJ kWh amp m³ Also Propane Gas Unit Conversion in Pounds Gallons BTU Therms amp ft³ Where LPG is propane 1kg of LPG has a volume of litres Conversely 1 litre of LPG weighs g LPG Specific Gravity – Density Unlike water 1kg of LPG does NOT equal 1 litre of LPG This is because the density or specific gravity of LPG is

  • How much does a liter of gasoline weigh

    The entered volume of gasoline in various units of volume centimeter³ 1 milliliter 1 foot³ × 10 5 oil barrel × 10 6 Imperial gallon 0 US cup 0 inch³ US fluid ounce liter 0 US gallon 0 4 more rows

  • Metal Weight Calculator Steel weight calculator aluminium

    Metal weight calculator online free steel weight calculator Has pre entered densities for dozens of commonly used metals and metal alloys like steel aluminum nickel iron copper cadmium gold silver etc Calculate the weight of a steel beam bar tube profiles channels or a simple metal sheet

  • Steel Cutting Calculator Service Steel

    STEEL CUTTING CALCULATOR STANDARD OR METRIC Standard in Metric mm Total Pieces Required Each Piece Length Size Total Number of Stock Length Estimate based on 20′ Random lengths For exact requirements contact your Service Steel sales person DELIVERING QUALITY VALUE AND COMMITMENT FOR YEARS WE PRIDE OURSELVES BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS WITH OUR CUSTOMERS 5

  • Liters to Pounds water Converter Conversion Calculators

    1 liter l pound lb Liter l is a unit of Volume used in Metric system Pound lb is a unit of Weight used in Standard system Please note this is volume to weight conversion this conversion is valid only for pure water at temperature 4 °C US oz g

  • Conversion Calculator Metric Conversion charts and calculators

    Conversion Calculator Use the search box to find your required metric converter →

  • Steel Weight Calculator Stainless Aluminum Nickel

    Metal shape weight size and number of pieces Steel Weight Calculator Stainless Aluminum Nickel Titanium amp More TW Metals JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser

  • Gasoline volume to weight conversion Aqua Calc

    Volume to weight weight to volume and cost conversions for Canola oil with temperature in the range of 10°C 50°F to °C °F Weights and Measurements dyne per square centimeter dyn cm² is a unit of pressure where a force of one dyne 1dyn is applied to an area of one square centimeter 1cm²

  • Calculators Lenntech

    With the conversion calculators you can convert the units that are most commonly used There is a small overview of the units that are mostly used in the industry in the process flow calculator The other conversion programs have more units to convert and they have some useful back ground information

  • Metal Weight Calculator Calculator for Metal Weight

    Mar 08 The metal weight calculator allows you to accurately calculate the weight in pounds for your steel stainless steel aluminum iron silver and much more

  • NC Cutting Gas National Gas Company Oman

    The NC Cutting Gas is a hydrocarbon based cutting solution that offers unmatched economy on overall cutting cost as compared to acetylene NC is operator –friendly and safer than acetylene It is also non toxic and has low backfire tendency In case of a leak NC can be easily detected due to its unique pungent smell